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Griffin Journal Archive
This is an archive of all the past entries from the Griffin Journal.

Wednesday April 14, 2004

Yesterday I received a message submitted via our feedback form from Claudio Allia of the Insout Music Project. He made a couple of positive comments and provided an updated link for the Insout Music Project web site. I've had a renewed interest in their music and realized how much I enjoy it. Some of my favorites are Coffebreak, Trikke & Trakke, Blue Tomato and Mahi-Mahi. Visit their site and enjoy the music.

Tuesday March 9, 2004

I had to get out of the house last night, so I went for a short bike ride to the lake. It was dark and rather late, I was alone and encountered no-one while out. There was however, the usual wildlife. I saw a deer crossing the trail and some bats in flight near the lake. The most startling observation was what first appeared like a racoon on the trail about 20 feet ahead of me. As I turned the light towards it, I soon saw that it was an owl just sitting on the trail. The light of course cause it to raise it's wings and fly away. But it was quite a sight to see such large majestic bird up so close.

Tuesday March 2, 2004

Did you vote today? I voted today.

Don't borrow money to pay past debts!

Tuesday February 3, 2004

Another sign of age has hit me. While running down the stairs to catch the shuttle ride home I stumbled at the base of the stairs and twisted my ankle. Ouch! That hurt and I know it will take some time to heal.

Tuesday December 23, 2003

The curse of age has crept upon me. Today I celebrated my 50th birthday. One half century old and I still want to play like a kid. Only I must now realize that my body is not the same as it was when I was young.

Wednesday December 17, 2003

Today is the 100th anniversary of the Wright brother's first flight at Kittyhawk. In commemoration of this occasion a team of enthusiasts attempted to recreate the Wright Brother’s first flight with a replica Wright Flyer at the same location as the Wright brother’s first flight. Unfortunately the weather was not favorable and they nosed in shortly after takeoff. Still, it’s quite amazing to see how flight has progressed over the last 100 years.

Sunday October 19, 2003

It's deer mating season. I went for a bike ride up the hill to watch the sunset. Then I rode back around the lake in the dark. I encountered at least a dozen deer along the way.

Wednesday August 27, 2003

Today the planet Mars was the closest it's been to Earth in the last 60,000 years. An unusal little red dot in the sky.

Wednesday August 20, 2003

I can move a bit more freely now, but still spending most of my time in front of the computer or watching TV. The X-Games were certainly entertaining, boy do I wish I were young again.

Tuesday August 12, 2003

My small surgical procedure went well last Wednesday, I didn't feel a thing until it was over. But once the anesthesia wore off, I was dealing with significant pain for about three or four days. I still have pain, but I can now get by without the pain pills. My mobility is greatly reduced during the recovery period and I tire easily. I spend most of my time laying down as I can only walk short distances and can't sit upright for more than an hour or two. I now respect the doctor's statement that recovery will take four to six weeks. I still hope to get back onto my bike as soon as I can which looks like it won't be until early October.

Sunday August 3, 2003

The date is set, I'll be going in for my small surgical procedure on Wednesday August 6, 2003. Can't wait to get this done so I can get back to living my normal life.

Tuesday July 22, 2003

Just returned from a doctor visit for a little problem I've been having. He says I need a small surgical procedure to repair the problem. The bad word is, I can no longer ride my bike until the procedure is completed and healed which might be another two months. Bummer! Being unable to ride my bike during the summer months means I'll be spending that much more time in front of the computer.

Thursday May 15, 2003

Today was Bike to Work Day. I've been riding my bike and taking the train to work for the last couple of months, so of course I rode my bike today too. It was a nice extra bonus that the Bike to Work Day organizers provided a nice shoulder bag with some snacks & biking information to all those that rode their bikes today. Here are some additional links to bay area bicycling resources:

Saturday May 3, 2003

We adopted a wonderful 2 year old female Labrador/Retriever mix. She has a light yellow short haired coat and is so quiet and well-behaved indoors. She gets a little excited outdoors, but hopefully after regular walks she'll become more accustom to staying at her masters' side. Her name was Nikki, but we have decided that we'll call her Shasta because her coat is almost white. Here is a picture of our new sweet companion dog.

Shasta with Sarah
Shasta with David

Thursday April 10, 2003

Sat by the pond after lunch today to enjoy the sun for a little while. Then three ducks flew over my head and one of them dropped a load of crap on my shoulder. What a mess, I went and washed my shirt the best I could, but I could smell the stink all day.

Sunday March 30, 2003

Ahh, it's nearly Spring again. What a beautiful day. Today I got outside and rode my bike around the lake again. It's certainly good for the mind and body.

Sunday January 26, 2003

It's been said that, "all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy". Well I can atest to that statement as I've been suffering the blues lately. Too much work and not enough entertainment has taken it's toll. I can't wait for the weather to improve. I need a vacation.

Thursday November 28, 2002

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! We had fine family get-together with all the usual turkey and trimmings. Thankful for what we have and realizing our troubles are few. We truly live a fortunate life.

Saturday September 12, 2002

Mom and Dad went on their trip of a lifetime. On August 31, 2002 they flew to London England and visited with some cousins they never met before. Right now they are on board a cruise ship that will take them from England to Boston where they will tour the New England states during the peak of the fall foliage. Then they will fly back home to California.

Saturday July 13, 2002

The baby doves flew from the nest today. They were seen resting at various locations in the yard or on the fence. Eventually they flew away, survivors of an earlier fall from the tree. Now there is another dove nesting in the same palm tree.


Friday July 5, 2002

Spent most of this week working on projects around the outside of the house. One project was trimming the palm trees. Then later I noticed a nest with two baby doves sitting on the ground beneath the trees which must have fallen. The babies were hatched but the growth of feathers was just beginning. Naturally they weren't able to fly and still needed mother to care for them. We carefully placed the babies back into the nest and put the nest up on the top of the camper which was parked beneath the palm trees. Well, the mama and papa doves have returned and are contining to care for their young. We only hope they get the chance to mature and fly away.

Saturday June 22, 2002

I've been exploring some of the MP3 music files available for download over at There's a lot of great new music available. I've recently become a fan of artists like Tone Ghost Ether, Insout, Voltz and Run Deep which covers Jazz, Fusion, Techno and Electronic genres. But one of my favorites is Machine Love (a.k.a. Spacewave). This electronic duo puts out sounds pleasing to the ear and uplifting to the soul. You can sample their music at

Sunday May 12, 2002

Wireless speed demons abound. Just completed an interesting project here at home. We set up a wireless network so that we can share the Broadband Internet connection on all computers throughout the house. It wasn't all that easy though. Signal penetration is greatly affected by surfaces like chicken wire in stucco walls & mirrors. We ultimately had to wire two access points together to get the entire house covered.

Sunday April 20, 2002

Lots of stuff going on at the workplace lately. Big news about a joint venture. Most of the employees are experiencing the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) that's associated with these types of announcements. There are few details known right now. Hopefully the FUD will subside as these details get worked out and presented to the ranks.

Sunday March 31, 2002

Ahhh, spring is here and the weather is beginning to warm up. We went on our first bike ride of the season yesterday. It was great to get out, but oh how the muscles ached afterwards. We rode around the lake close to our house and watched the sunset from the top of the hill. Then rode back home in the dark with our lights on. Saw a couple of deer, owls, rabbits and some interesting birds. Hope to enjoy some more of this relaxation again soon.

Sunday March 24, 2002

We went to the San Jose Center for Performing Arts today and saw Joseph and the the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It was great to get away from work and actually enjoy life for a bit. This show, put on by the American Musical Theater of San Jose, was lively and entertaining. I enjoyed it much more than the peculiar Evita which we saw last month.

Sunday January 20, 2002

Brrrr, it's been cold. Too cold and wet to go bike riding. So in my spare time, I've been having a blast playing SimCity 3000 Unlimited on my computer. I've played SimCity Classic years ago on Windows 3.1. But the new version of this game is fantastic. You can read more about this fun strategy game at

Tuesday January 1, 2002

Happy New Year! It's been a wet yet wonderful holiday. We hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as we did. In case you missed your Christmas Card, you can see it here.

Merry Christmas

This wonderful electronic Christmas Card has been circulating the Internet via e-mail distribution. I would enjoy creating my own Christmas e-card for you all, but since I lack the time and the necessary creativity, I will offer you my holiday wishes with this excellent one created by Jacquie Lawson.

Christmas Card

Thursday December 6, 2001

It's great to get back to work after losing three work days fulfilling my commitment for Jury Duty. Yep, three days to get through the Jury selection process. Fortunately they filled all the seats before calling on me. I don't mind serving as a juror, but this is a bad time for a 4 to 5 week long trial.

Sunday December 2, 2001

Welcome to The Griffin Spot, our "little place on the Internet". Regular visitors will notice that we have redesigned this site yet again. With this new design, we have incorporated a consistent look throughout the core pages. This will enable us to concentrate more on the page content. So be certain to visit us frequently.

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