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Special Feature -- Terror Attack on America

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Notice: This page presents content that has been created or captured by people other than the staff at The Griffin Spot. Copyrights for any material found on this page belong to the respective authors.

US Flag
Terror Attack on America
September 11, 2001
Last Update: 12/22/2001
US Flag

L.A. Times Front Page

On September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked America by flying hijacked airliners into the World Trade Center Towers in New York and into the Pentagon at Washington DC. This was a terrible day in history for all Americans.

In the days following the attack, people were sharing images, poems, games and other creations with their friends and family via e-mail. Rather than send these to everyone I know, I posted the best of these here for you all to see. Many of the original authors are unknown, but I'd be glad to post credit for the authors if they notify the webmaster.

God Bless America!

Cincinnati Enquirer Front Page

Text Slide Shows Images Games Sounds/Movies Links

Warning! While the majority of these files are suitable for anyone, a few contain offensive language, please use discretion when viewing or sharing links to this material.

Text Items (poems & opinions):

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Microsoft Power Point Slide Shows:
Microsoft Power Point required to view these presentations of stunning images.

  • Attack 828 KB
    Starts off with a picture of a newspaper headline then proceeds to display many pictures of the attacks on the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon.
  • NYC 758 KB
    Many sharp photos telling the story of the attack on the World Trade Center in New York.
  • Still Flying 541 KB
    Many pictures of the American flag flying as Americans grieve for the victims
  • Today Only 529 KB
    "Think it over ..." is someone's philosophical outlook on life.
  • Message to Osama 314 KB
    This is a humorous message from Boeing to Osama
  • We Will Win 1.09 MB
    Slide show collection of cartoons,
    some humorous, some political,... mostly vengeful
  • American Tribute 1.83 MB
    This finely arranged slide show is very professional and is an executable (.exe) so Power Point is NOT required.
  • Message From Boeing 398 KB
    This funny presentation is another variation of a letter from Boeing Corp. to Bin-Laden
  • Cartoons 1.22 MB
    Collection of political cartoons as a result of the terrorist event.
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  • Missing 33 KB
    This image is purportedly from a camera found in the WTC rubble by the FBI and the subject in the photo has not been found. I think this image has been altered and is a fake. But it's an interesting image. What do you think?
  • World Trade Center Memorial 212 KB
  • Eagle Tear 29 KB
  • The Eagle's Pissed Off 68 KB
  • The Devil's Face 31 KB
    The face of Satan seems to eerily appear in the smoke billowing from the blasted World Trade Center buildings in New York. At least, that's what many horrified people around the country have seen in this Associated Press photo. Look closely where the smoke rises against the building or see this zoomed-in image.
  • Bin-Laden ... Priceless 31 KB
    Bin-Laden enters the world of commerce
  • Stealth 202 KB
    The Stealth bomber sports a new bumper sticker
  • Taliban Women 40 KB
    Funny cartoon with a message to the Taliban
  • US Army Special Weapon 30 KB
    The US Army has developed a special ground weapon to track down terrorists in Afganistan
  • First Missile 68 KB
    This picture needs no explanation
  • Holy War 56 KB
    Cartoon depicting holy war in Afganistan
  • Priceless Moment Terrorist Style 79 KB
    You were warned, don't play with fire
  • A Hard Lesson That Some Have Yet To Learn 167 KB
    A comparision of viewpoints between the Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar & General George Patton
  • Right Behind ya .... 66 KB
    Humorous image of America against terrorist
  • Septic 58 KB
    Funny message on the side of a septic pumping truck
  • Launcher 53 KB
    Cartoon depicting an Afghan missile launcher
  • Bin-Shaven 48 KB
    How might Bin-Laden appear if he was shaven ... could it be???
  • Tragedy Collage 149 KB
    Touching collage of images from the 9-11-01 tragedy.
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  • Get Osama 272 KB
    Download this EXE file and shoot Osama Bin-Laden as he walks across your computer screen.
  • Bin-Laden Liquors Link to another site
    This is an excellent shooting game done in Flash. This site is so popular that it occasionally experiences capacity problems.
  • Gattler Link to another site
    Cute little shoot Osama game
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Sounds / Movies:
MPEG and MP3 files require an appropriate player

  • Day_O.MP3 152 KB
    Funny song
  • Bin-Loser.MPG 839 KB
    Hilarious version of Bin-Laden's video taped speech translated to English
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Links to Other Sites:

  • Bin-Laden Liquors
    This is an excellent shooting game done in Flash. This site is so popular that it occasionally experiences capacity problems.
  • Linky & Dinky
    This site presents a succession of mostly humorous images and cartoons
  • Attack On America
    This site presents a page with a profound patriotic message (with pictures and sound)
  • Gattler
    Cute little shoot Osama game
  • Pledge of Allegiance
    A rendition of Red Skelton on his television program as he related the story of his teacher, Mr. Laswell, who felt his students had come to think of the Pledge of Allegiance as merely something to recite in class each day.
  • Humor Bin
    Very funny site with a humorous cartoon show done in a Shockwave Flash file
  • The Official D.O.D. Anthrax Information Web Site
    For your information, this web site is a great starting point to learn more about Anthrax
  • New! Star Spangled Manners
    The exhibition of patriotism is on the rise. This site offers information on proper flag flying etiquette.
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