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Born in Santa Cruz, California; raised in San Jose, California and making his home in locations around Silicon Valley, David Griffin has been a lifetime native of California.

Beginning with a couple of brief assignments at Intel Corp. and Unicorp Inc., David joined IBM San Jose in 1974 to establish his career. After 28.5 years with IBM, he was sold along with his division to Hitachi. Professionally a Systems Management Professional Advisory with broad skills in the disk drive industry, David gained a strong interest in computers which became one of his many hobbies. His interest in computers and his desire to help newcomers led to his volunteering for the PC Level 1 program at IBM. It also led to the operation of a computer BBS system from his home 1989 to 1994. The appeal of the BBS system began to decline as the Internet gained popularity. This didn't keep David from craving to learn more about computers and the Internet. As new technologies were introduced in the workplace, he welcomed these challenges and has been respected for his talent and willingness to assist his peers.

Now David is looking to change his career direction to align more with his interests. The Internet is exploding with new growth and he desires to learn more about this fascinating technology. The best way to gain this intimate knowledge is to take an assignment directly involved with networking, Internet or information technologies.

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